Fluke ROTALIGN Touch EX Laser Shaft Alignment System

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The Fluke ROTALIGN Touch EX Laser Shaft Alignment System is a peak alignment tool for use in all industries and environments, combining reliable accuracy and safety. The ROTALIGN Touch EX uses the SENSALIGN 5 laser technology with an accuracy of over 98% and unlimited measurement range. Two large position-sensitive detectors and detector extension capability make it easy to fix any misalignments with this laser shaft system. Setup is also made easier with this tool thanks to a single-laser alignment system and removes the need for machine pre-alignment.

While the Fluke ROTALIGN Touch EX was built for precise laser alignments, it was also made with incredible safety in mind. Technicians across various fields like chemical processing, oil, and gas can use the ROTALIGN Touch EX without any worries of danger, as the system is ATEX/IECEx Zone 1 certified.