Pruftechnik OPTALIGN Smart RS Laser Shaft Alignment Tool

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The Pruftechnik OPTALIGN Smart RS Laser Shaft Alignment Tool uses a single laser and a 5-axis sensor. The sensor contains two fully-linearized biaxial position detectors and a precision inclinometer. It can precisely measure relative shaft movement in five degrees of freedom. This measurement principle is the only one which allows 'Live Move' with concurrent monitoring of the vertical and horizontal machine corrections and with the sensor at any angular position.
  • 3-machine train alignment
  • Enter alignment targets and thermal growth values including input of dial indicator readings
  • Fixed feet selection – resolves base-bound and bolt-bound problems
  • Multipoint mode – measurement at any 3 or more positions. This measurement mode is suitable for all bearing types
  • Alignment of cardan and spacer shafts
  • Heavy-duty rechargeable Li-Ion battery
  • PC software ALIGNMENT CENTER is used for preparing, analyzing, archiving measurement files and printing professional reports