Haefely PSURGE 6.1 Surge Tester

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Haefely PSURGE 6.1 Surge Tester
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Haefely PSURGE 6.1
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The Haefely Trench Surge Tester Type PSURGE 6.1 is a modular pulse generator of the highest performance class and delivers clean, repeatable pulse shapes by using a reliable switch bounce without effects. It has a HPIB and RS-232 interface.

It is suitable for a variety of test requirements through the use of various high voltage slots for different pulse shapes.
The built-in microprocessor control model P90 allows others to enter test parameters and to program and save test sequences.
PSURGE 6.1 comes with the following modules:
  • Surge tester: PSURGE 6.1
  • Control Unit: P90.1
  • Peak display: PPD1.1
  • High voltage inset 27.1B PHV Hybrid Network for 2/10 ms pulse shape by Bellcore GR-1089
Haefely PSURGE 6.1 Standards
IEC 801-5 / D, IEC 1004-4-5 / D, EN 1004-4-5, EN 50082 - ANSI / IEEE C 62.41, CCITT K Series, DIN 57845, VDE 0845, LSSGR TR TSY 000515, EFA, CNETZ recommendation, NFC 98-010, FTZ 12 TR 1, FCC part 68, UL 1449 and EN 50082-1