ILX Lightwave LDM-4616 16-Channel Butterfly Laser Diode Mount

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ILX Lightwave LDM-4616 Butterfly Laser Diode Mount
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ILX Lightwave LDM-4616
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LDM-4616 Datasheet

The ILX Lightwave LDM-4616 is a rack-mountable, 16-channel mount for butterfly-packaged laser diodes. Each channel is equipped with a convenient Zero Insertion Force (ZIF) socket, allowing easy insertion and removal of the laser diode. Slide rollers allow the entire mounting tray to move easily out from the rack, simplifying laser configuration and replacement. Each channel provides laser current and internal temperature control capability.

Electrical signals to the lasers pass through convenient pin-configuration headers and are bussed to the rear panel, or select the ILX Lightwave LDM-4616 DFB version with hard-wired DFB pin-out. Cable bundles, which are terminated with paired 9-pin D-sub connectors, connect readily to ILX Lightwave modular laser diode controllers.

Fiber management is supported by an integrated fiber tray that spools excess pigtail fiber and routes connections to the front panel. Each optical output is accessible via user-specified adapters and are mounted on the front panel. Fiber optic mating adapters can be changed to many popular types or replaced with soft grommets for feeding fiber directly through the front panel (bulkhead connectors not included).
ILX Lightwave LDM-4616 Features
  • Control up to 16 laser diodes in one rack mountable chassis
  • Rack mount slide rollers provide easy access to laser modules
  • User-configurable pin-headers allow multiple laser pin-outs
  • Hardwired DFB pin-out available
  • Supports control of internal TE coolers
  • Fiber management spools for handling excess pig-tailed fiber
  • 16 laser outputs on the front panel
  • Convenient cable connections to ILX Lightwave Controllers