Julabo FC1600 Compact Recirculating Cooler

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Julabo FC1600 Compact Recirculating Coolers offer an economical solution for cooling applications avoiding expenses for tap water and wastewater disposal. The Julabo FC1600 has a compact design and fit under a lab counter. The bright MULTI-DISPLAY (LED) is visible from across a lab and gives instant information on actual and setpoint temperatures. Self-test after switch-on, reciprocal sensor monitoring, pump motor and compressor overload protection as well as complete shut-down in case of an alarm offer unequaled safety. Additional protection for the Julabo FC1600 is ensured by high and low temperature warning functions as well as freezing protection and dry-running protection. These features ensure stable working temperatures, constant pressure of the circulating pump and avoid contamination in the cooling loop. Featuring various electrical connections, the TopLine models fulfill the requirements of modern laboratories.

The Julabo FC1600 is a model in the Julabo FC Series.