Julabo FP89-HL Refrigerated Circulator

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The Julabo FP89-HL Refrigerated Circulator is suitable for a variety of external temperature tasks with a working temperature range of -90°C to 100°C. Powerful circulating pump systems and high heating/cooling capacities guarantee short heat-up and cool-down times. The Julabo FP89-HL features an active cooling control function while allowing automatic adjustment of cooling power or temporary compressor switch-off. The Julabo FP89-HL Refrigerated Circulator has an energy-saving feature that minimizes the loss of heat, provided by the proportional cooling capacity control. The FP89-HL model is designed with high measuring accuracy with temperature stability ±0.005°C internal and <±0.05°C external. This unit has a drain tap on the front, allowing the fluid to be drained easily. The Julabo FP89-HL Refrigerated Circulator is equipped with an improved insulation to help avoid ice formation and a visual liquid level display.