Keithley 2461-EC Graphical Potentiostat

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The Keithley 2461-EC Graphical Potentiostat reliably conducts a wide range of electrochemistry tests and displays the results on a touchscreen with an intuitive user interface. The 2461-EC potentiostat is ideal for research in all electrochemical labs, as the simplified testing and analysis can be used by scientists and students alike. The potentiostat can run test scripts for cyclic and galvanic voltammetry measurements, along with many other tests that come loaded in the device.

The Keithley 2461-EC Graphical Potentiostat makes great use of its 5-inch color, full-color touchscreen to present test results. Test measurements are immediately displayed on the screen, presented in a full graphical plotting window to present results in many forms. The potentiostat can also handle various voltages and currents, along with high impedance sense leads that have an input bias of 1pA and input resistance of 50G ohms.