PalmSens Sensit Smart Smartphone Potentiostat

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The PalmSens Sensit Smart Smartphone Potentiostat is the smallest device of its kind, collecting accurate cell measurements and analysis in a tiny package. The Sensit Smart potentiostat easily inserts into a tablet or smartphone without losing the electrochemical techniques that come standard with other, larger potentiostats. The device uses cyclic voltammetry, impedance spectroscopy, and square wave voltammetry all controlled through an app on the connected smartphone or tablet.

Even while coming in a unique, portable design, the PalmSens Sensit Smart Smartphone Potentiostat has a vast DC potential range from -1.7 to +2 V while in Max Range mode. The Sensit Smart also features a wide dynamic dc potential range of 2.6 V and a maximum current of ±3 mA.