Keithley 248 High Voltage (5kV) Supply

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Keithley 248 High Voltage (5kV) Supply
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Keithley 248 High Voltage (5kV) Supply Keithley 248 High Voltage (5kV) Supply
Keithley 248
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248 Datasheet
The programmable Model 248 High Voltage Supply offers reversible polarity, excellent regulation, low output voltage ripple, and flexible operation. Two front panel digital displays provide accurate readings of voltage and current output. A separate display simplifies setting output values precisely. The Model 248s output can be set using the front panel controls, over the standard IEEE-488 interface, or via a remote analog voltage.
Keithley 248 Specs
Output Voltage Max. Output Current Conditions
0 to ± 5000 V DC 5.000 mA DC No Filter
0 to ± 3000 V DC 5.000 mA DC Filter 1
0 to ± 5000 V DC 3.000 mA DC Filter 2

Voltage Set Accuracy: ±(0.01% of setting + 0.05% of range)
Voltage Display Accuracy: Voltage Set Accuracy ±1V, typical\ (±2V, max.)
Voltage Resolution: 1V (set and display)
Voltage Reset Ability: 1V
Voltage Limit Range: 0 to 100% of full scale
Voltage Regulation:

  • Line: 0.001% for ±10% line voltage change
  • Load: 0.005% for 100% load change, typical


Output Ripple (10Hz100kHz):
0.002% of full scale, Vrms, max. No Filter
1.0mV rms @ 1kV Filter 1 or Filter 2
2.0mV rms @ 3kV Filter 1 or Filter 2
3.0mV rms @ 5kV Filter 2

+ 2.5µA
Current Resolution: 1µA
Current Display Accuracy: Current Set Accuracy ±1µA, typ. (±2µA, max.)
Stability: ±0.02% per hour typical for ambient temperature within 2°C
Temperature Drift: 50ppm/°C, 0° to 50°C, typical
Protection: Arc and short circuit protected; programmable voltage and current limits and current trip


Settling Time:
  • From 0 to Programmed Voltage: To within 99.9% of final value within 3s
  • Discharge Time from Programmed Voltage to Within 50V of Zero: Within 6s for no load (faster with load, slower with filters on)


Monitor Outputs:
  • Output Scale: 0 to +10V for 0 to full range output regardless of polarity
  • Current Rating: 10mA maximum
  • Output Impedance: <1W
  • Accuracy: ±0.2% of full scale
  • Update Rate: 8Hz