Keysight 83018A Microwave System Amplifier, 2 GHz to 26.5 GHz

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The Keysight 83018A Microwave System Amplifier is a compact, off-the-shelf amplifier with a frequency range of 2 GHz to 26.5 GHz. Keysight 83018A amplifiers are designed to be used by systems designers and integrators, providing power to recover system losses and boosting available power in ATE systems. The Keysight 83018A microwave amplifier takes the place of several narrow bandwidth amplifiers in a single unit, eliminating the need for crossover networks or multiple bias supplies. With excellent noise figure relative to its broad bandwidth and high gain, this amplifier significantly improves system noise figure and dynamic range. The Keysight 83018A Microwave System Amplifier was previously manufactured as the Agilent 83018A Microwave System Amplifier which replaced the HP 83018A Microwave System Amplifier.