AH Systems PAM-0118 Preamplifier 20 MHz - 18 GHz

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AH Systems PAM-0118 Preamplifier
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AH Systems PAM-0118
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Manual PAM-0118 Datasheet
The AH Systems PAM-0118 Preamplifier is an excellent choice with a rugged design, no hassles with soldering your own power leads and can improve overall system sensitivity by at least 20 dB. The PAM-0118 comes with a 12-volt (or 15-volt) DC regulated power source. A low voltage indicator confidently allows you to power the amplifier with your own external 12-volt DC battery. This makes it a convenient choice for field measurements.
AH Systems PAM-0118 Features
  • Frequency Range of 20 MHz - 18 GHz
  • Low Noise, High Gain
  • Low VSWR