Keysight N6700B Modular Power System Mainframe

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The N6700B Modular Power System Mainframe, 400W, 4 Slots is a 1U (rack unit) high, multiple-output programmable DC power supply system that enables test system integrators to optimize performance, power and price to match test needs. The N6700 MPS gives test system designers the flexibility to mix and match from over 30 different DC power modules to create a 1- to 4-channel DC power system optimized to meet specific test requirements. Test system engineers can invest in high-performance outputs where speed and accuracy are needed, or purchase basic performance outputs for simple DC power requirements.
Model Max Power Voltage Current
N6731B 50W 5V 10A
N6733B 50W 20V 2.5A
N6743B 100W 20V 5A
N6745B 100W 60V 1.6A
N6751A 50W 50V 5A
N6775A 300W 60V 5A