Midtronics CTU-6000 Battery Analyzer Kit

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The Midtronics CTU-6000 Battery Analyzer Kit features a universal stationary battery analyzer, offering an enhanced conductance range of 100 to 19,990 siemens while enabling accurate and repeatable testing in ultra-high electrical interference with high noise immunity. The Midtronics CTU-6000 Battery Analyzer is suitable for individual lead-acid cells or monoblocs up to 16 volts, capable of testing uninterruptible power systems, telecommunications backup power, utility switching power, and more. The Midtronics CTU-6000 helps technicians with comprehensive analysis and data management in a package while providing power for more than 1,000 full test cycles (16 hours test time). The CTU-6000 ensures a +2% accuracy across the test range.
The Midtronics CTU-6000 Battery Analyzer Kit is the premier battery testing and maintenance tool for universal to stationary applications with a voltage range of 1.5 to 20 volts (DC). The multimeter is built-in with the analyzer, enabling measurement of AC & DC voltage and current. Combining these core attributes and having 500 string locations of 480 test results stored internally, CellTron Ultra is a key component of battery management. This diverse array of components and features is the result of extensive field testing to meet the needs of technicians.