Mitutoyo LSM-503S Laser Scan Micrometer with LSM-6200 Display

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The Mitutoyo LSM-503S Laser Scan Micrometer is a laser dimensional analysis tool with a measuring range of 0.3mm to 30mm, an accuracy of ±1.0µm and a repeatability of ±.11µm. Mitutoyo LSM-503S units are general purpose laser micrometers ideal for fine wire measurment. A LSM-6200 display unit is included, which features multiple calibration data memory function, drill/endmill diameter measurement and segment specification measurement. LSM-503S micrometers produce precise parameter measurements by directing a laser at a polygonal mirror as it rotates at a speed synchronized with pulses from the system clock. The beam sweeps along the input surface of a collimating lens, rotating clockwise, and enters the measuring space, touching down at the receiver. When an object interrupts the beam, the clock pulses that pass as the receiver is interrupted indicate the object's dimensions.