RAE Systems UltraRAE PGM 7200 Benzene Monitor

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The RAE Systems UltraRAE PGM 7200 Benzene Monitor is a quick, spot-check monitor used to provide highly specific measurements of Benzene. The combination of a single-use filter tube and PID makes this a highly accurate compound specific instrument. Applications of the RAE Systems UltraRae PGM 7200 include tank entry pre-screening during refinery and plant maintenance, hazardous material response and refinery downstream monitoring. The internal pump permits sampling up to 30 feet in a confined space.

The RAE Systems UltraRAE PGM 7200 consists of a compound specific PID monitor, gas separation tubes, battery charger, leather case, alkaline battery adapter, and a water/dust filter. The UltraRAE PID Monitor gives the real time measurements and activates alarm signals whenever the exposure exceeds preset limits. Prior to factory shipment the system is preset with default alarm limits and the sensors are pre-calibrated with standard calibration gas. This product is menu driven, intuitive, and capable of up to 10 hours of continuous operation.