Gasmet GT5000 Terra Portable Gas Analyzer

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The Gasmet GT5000 Terra Portable Gas Analyzer uses FTIR technologies and a durable design for a compact and reliable analyzer that can measure up to 50 gases simultaneously. Even with its small size of just over 20 lb (9.4 kg), the GT5000 Terra analyzer can offer test results in as little as 5 seconds and has a sample pump flow of 2 liters per minute. The portable gas analyzer is also ready for use in almost any environment, sporting a splashproof exterior that's IP54-rated and a reliable Li-ion battery.

The Gasmet GT5000 Terra Portable Gas Analyzer also has a user-friendly Calcmet software that's perfectly-built for a quick setup. The Calcmet software can work on a Windows laptop or tablet and comes ready with one-click measurements and fast results. The operating system further makes this gas analyzer portable with built-in Bluetooth or Wi-fi that can also be controlled remotely with a VPN.