Tektronix 2445B Oscilloscope 200 MHz

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Rent Tektronix 2445B Oscilloscope 200 MHz
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Tektronix Test Equipment 2445B
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2445B Datasheet
4 Ch, 200 MHz Oscilloscope
Tektronix Test Equipment 2445B Features
  • Four Channels
  • 200 MHz Bandwidth
  • Auto Setup
  • Automatic Measurements
  • Save and Recall Front-panel Setups
  • Cursor
Tektronix Test Equipment 2445B Specs
  • Vertical System
    • Deflection Factor: 2 mV/div to 5V/div, (CH 1 and CH2). 100mV/div and 500 mV/div (CH3 and CH4)
    • Frequency and Step Tr Response (-3 dB Bandwidth)/(Tr=0.35/BW) - BW/Rise Time: 200 MHz/1.75 ns
    • Bandwidth Limiter: Reduces upper -3dB to 20 MHz
    • Input Coupling and Max Voltage: (1 M ohms) AC, DC, GND; Max input voltage: 400 V (DC + peak AC). (50 ohms) Max input voltage: 5 V RMS
    • Input R and C: 1 M ohms and 15 pF or 50 ohms (nominal)
    Horizontal System
    • Display Modes: A (main sweep), A INTENsified, ALTernate, A INTEN with B (delayed sweep) and B. In X-Y mode, CH 1 provides X-axis (horizontal) deflection
    • A Sweep Time Base Range: 500 ms/div to 10 ns/div (to 1 ns/div with X10 magnification)
    • B Sweep Time Base Range: 50 ms/div to 10 ns/div (to 1 ns/div with X10 magnification)
  • Automatic Measurements: Period; Volts; Rise time, Fall time; Time A-B (from % to %); Time A-B (between two voltages); Pulse Width

  • Triggering: A and B Trigger Coupling: DC, Noise Reject, HF Reject, LF Reject, AC

  • X-Y Operation

    • X-Axis Deflection Factor Range, Variable Range, and Accuracy: Same as CH 1
    • X-Axis Bandwidth: DC to 3 MHz