Vaisala DMT348 Dewpoint and Temperature Transmitter

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The Vaisala DMT348 Dewpoint and Temperature Transmitter is a stable and reliable transmitter especially suitable for desiccant dryer monitoring. The stability is due to a unique auto-calibration function. During auto-calibration the transmitter performs a calibration and adjustment automatically while the measured process is still running.

The Vaisala DRYCAP® sensor is immune to particulate contamination, water condensation, oil vapor and most chemicals. Its performance is unmatched for low dew point applications experiencing water spikes in the process. The sensor recovers rapidly from contact with freewater. The DMT348 is ideal for pressurized processes where the probe needs to be inserted or removed while the process is running. The probe depth is adjustable. The DMT348 is optimized for dew points down to -60°C (-76°F).

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