Vaisala DM70 Hand-held Dew Point Meter

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The Vaisala DM70 Dew Point Meter provides a new level of functionality in hand-held dew point meters for spot-checking applications. In addition, DM70 Dew Point Meters offer accurate and fast measurement for industrial dew point applications, such as compressed air, metal treatment as well as food and plastics drying. Vaisala DM70 Dew Point Meters measure dew point temperature accurately in a wide measurement range of -76 to 140 °F. DM70 Dew Point Meters feature a fast response time between start-up and low or high process dew points. Vaisala's advanced DRYCAP polymer-based technology is incorporated into the DM70 Dew Point Meter which enables reliable and high-performance dew point measurements. DM70 models are designed to provide users with a PMM volume concentration range of 40 to 200,000 ppm.