VWR 1410D Vacuum Oven

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The VWR 1410D Vacuum Oven is a high-performance oven that uses a durable design to guarantee uniform heating and vacuum control. The 1410D vacuum oven features multiple vacuum valves in a convenient location to simplify test preparation and maintain the vacuum of 10 microns or better. The oven has 2 shelves on the interior and offers a vast temperature range from 40 to 225°C.

With excellent uniformity, the VWR 1410D Vacuum Oven also remains reliable when testing at high and low temperatures. The vacuum oven has a ±3.5°C uniformity at 100°C and ±5.0°C when at 200°C. The device retains heat and accuracy thanks to a stainless steel interior monitored with a hydraulic thermostat.