Narda Nardalert S3 Personal RF Monitor, Mainframe 2270/01

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The Narda Nardalert S3 Personal RF Monitor is a personal RF safety device designed to perform RF safety testing in compliance with IEEE, FCC, Canada Safety Code 6 and ICNIRP standards. Sensor technology has been improved in this series by re-designing not only the sensor itself, but also by packaging it in a field replaceable package that contains all the electronic data necessary to maintain calibrated operation. This new feature allows your S3 to stay in service without costly logistics to keep multiple units calibrated - a major advantage for any NIR Safety Program. The Nardalert S3 will always be capable of supporting new standards or guidance's and even different fields or frequencies, allowing future expandability and extending longevity.

The Narda Nardalert S3 Personal RF Monitor Mainframe is compatible with the NS3 FCC Sensor (2271/01), the NS3 IEEE Sensor (2271/11), the NS3 SC6 Sensor (2271/21), the NS3 Safety Code 6 Sensor 2271/22, and the NS3 ICNIRP Sensor (2271/31).