Using A Visual Inspection Camera

Using A Visual Inspection Camera
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What Are visual inspection products?

Visual inspection products are advanced cameras and videoscopes capable of in-depth and real-time analysis and image capturing. Visual inspection equipment includes borescopes, digital microscopes, pipe cameras, high-speed cameras, thermal cameras, and 3D scanners. They are used by plumbers, firefights, and operators in several other professions.
Visual inspection is a method of testing that can be accomplished with advanced cameras, precise videoscopes, and specialized equipment. A non-destructive method of testing, visual inspection allows technicians to capture an image of a space and complete in-depth analysis.

Visual Inspection Non-destructive Testing

Several industries and people use visual inspection testing to ensure public safety, provide quality products, and document test environments or subjects.

People That Use Visual Inspection Cameras

  • Automotive Component Inspection Technicians
  • Counterfeit Document Experts
  • Quality Assurance Professionals
  • Manufacturers
  • Art Conservationists
  • Jewelers
  • Archaeologists
  • Biologists
  • Plumbers
  • Environmental Engineers
  • Doctors
  • Scientists
  • Forensic Experts

Visual Inspection Test Devices

There is a wide range of visual inspection tools that can be used for a variety of testing requirements. The best device and technology will depend on the environment, operator, and testing needs.
Visual Inspection.


These remote visual inspection tools are used in hazardous environments or inaccessible areas. Often used to check pipes, automotive engines, and more, borescopes are vital visual inspection tools.

Digital Microscopes

Able to magnify and capture images, a digital microscope acts as visual inspection camera to record data in real time without the operator needing to look through an eyepiece. 3D measurements are also possible with more advanced models.

Pipe Cameras

These cameras are designed to be flexible and rugged. Designed for pipes, sewers, and drains, a pipe camera allows for in-depth measurements and pipe analysis. Pipe cameras often have LED lighting and various measurement ranges.

High-Speed Cameras

High-speed cameras allow the operator to capture images with ease. Slow motion technology and cost-effective rental options make these devices ideal for a range of visual inspection needs.

Thermal & Infrared Cameras

Often used by the military, firefighters, and field techs, thermal cameras provide insight to a space and the objects within it.  These cameras create images using infrared technology.

3D Laser Scanners

3D scanners provide technicians with a way to produce 3D models of an object or environment. 3D scanners can produce real-time results and accurate images.

Visual Inspection Procedure

Each type of camera will be operated differently. These visual inspection tools have user-friendly features and precise image capture technology. Several of the rentals that ATEC provides visual inspection products from dependable manufacturers, such as Evident and Fluke.

How Use a Videoscope

  1. Adjust image folders via the interface
  2. Select the appropriate folder
  3. Insert scope into the blade or location you are testing
  4. Take still image and manage the inspection, using the pop-up screen on the interface
  5. Review the image
  6. Add your evaluation of the target object
  7. Add a title or description of the image
  8. Change the color of the folder so you keep track of what you have completed
  9. Move on to the next stages and repeat the previous steps
  10. Use data and other testing procedures as needed
Note: These instructions apply specifically to the IPLEX™ NX Videoscope. Other setup procedures might differ, depending on the model and camera type.

Features of Infrared Cameras

  • 640 by 480 resolution
  • SuperResolution application
  • Precise image quality
  • LaserSharp auto-focus
  • MultiSharp Focus
  • IR Fusion
  • Multiple image capture modes
  • Flexible form factor
  • Easy-to-use and handheld device
  • Rugged design, ideal for field work
Note: The examples and applications in this video apply specifically to the Fluke TiX580 and Ti480 models.

Choosing The Right Visual Inspection Camera

To learn more about ATEC’s visual inspection equipment rentals, reach out to an ATEC rental agent today. We carry products from industry-leading manufacturers, including Fluke, FARO, Keyence, and more.

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