Photron FASTCAM Nova S-Series High Speed Camera

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The Photron FASTCAM Nova S-Series is a versatile high-speed camera built for image recording at up to 16,000 frames per second, maintaining a crisp resolution of 1024 x 1024 pixels. The FASTCAM Nova S-Series uses CMOS image sensor technologies and shutter speeds of 0.2µs to capture images. The camera's shutter speed allows users to capture images at up to 1,100,000 frames per second while keeping an excellent photo quality.

Thanks to a rugged yet lightweight design, the Photron FASTCAM Nova S-Series can be used in any environment without dust or other particles affecting the quality. The high-speed camera also uses an internal mechanical shutter and remote system calibration to adapt to any setting or speed that's needed. With a versatile lens compatibility and memory segmentation, the FASTCAM Nova S-Series gives the user a wide range of options to capture the best high-speed images.

The Photron FASTCAM Nova S-Series includes four different models: the S6, S9, S12, and S16.