Vision Research Phantom V-Series Ultrahigh Speed Camera

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The Vision Research Phantom V-Series Ultrahigh Speed Camera includes a variety of the world's best imaging devices, offering 1 or 4 megapixels to record with incredible quality at the fastest speeds. Phantom V-Series cameras use a CMOS sensor to capture images at up to 1,000,000 frames per second. A rugged build-yet-lightweight build also makes the devices ideal for use in any environment. Professionals across defense and research fields use the V-Series cameras to fulfill their high-speed imaging needs, all without sacrificing detail and quality on the photos.

With the v2512 model, the Vision Research Phantom V-Series has the world's fastest ultrahigh-speed camera. The device can capture images at over 25,000 fps with a crisp 1280 x 800 resolution. Similar high-speed cameras in the series like the v2012, v1612, and v1212 also boast incredible shutter speeds to achieve nearly-unmatched frames per second. All 4 models of ultrahigh-speed cameras also offer light-sensitivity features to capture quality images in poorly-lit environments.

The Vision Research Phantom V-Series also features two cameras that utilize 4 megapixels: the v2640 and v1820. The Phantom v2640 remains the fastest camera with 4 megapixels, capturing images at 6,600 frames per second with a clear 2048 x 1944 resolution. Both high-speed cameras also offer a low noise rating of 7.2e- to guarantee a crystal clear image without any distortion.

The Vision Research Phantom V-Series Ultrahigh Speed Camera includes 6 models: v2640, v1840, v2512, v2012, v1612, and v1212.