ICNIRP 2020 Now Available For Narda STS Equipment

ICNIRP 2020 Now Available For Narda STS Equipment
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The International Commission on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection, ICNIRP, has revised its recommendation for limit values in connection with human safety in electric, magnetic, and electromagnetic fields that were published in 1998. The revision, entitled RF EMF GUIDELINES 2020, was published in March. In particular, the mid-frequency range, i.e. frequencies in the kHz range are affected by the revision. These guidelines will now go through the process of incorporation into national laws.

Regardless of this, with Narda, you are always on the safe side. That’s because Narda has already implemented these new limit values. For example, the Personal Monitor RadMan 2 is ICNIRP 2020 compliant, and alarms are set as percentages of the ICNIRP 2020 limit values.

The new limit value curves for the SRM-3006 Selective Handheld Radiation Meter is available for download from Narda's homepage. They ensure that the SRM can display signals and services directly as percentages of the limit value without the need for tiresome conversions.

Additionally, for the product most affected by these changes, the reference for measurements in the mid-frequency range, the Narda EHP-200A, Narda STS has the Version 2.04 of the EHP-TS software available for download. This software allows you to evaluate measurement results according to ICNIRP 2020.

Narda Safety Test Solutions always keeps you ahead of your national legislation!


Narda SignalShark: Decoding and classifying digital signals

AM and FM demodulators are a must when it comes to tracing interference. However, they cannot fully deal with digitally modulated signals, although their acoustic signature can tell an experienced listener something about such signals. However, it is much better to take the direct approach and classify or decode digitally modulated signals.

This task often involves hauling heavy equipment about. There is an easier way that is demonstrated by the SignalShark combined with Procitec software. The Narda SignalShark and Procitec go2MONITOR software have put their muscles together.

The SignalShark when paired with the go2MONITOR, which can be ordered as a bundle in the EU, shows you how to obtain situational awareness of complete RF scenarios with a compact, yet powerful solution.

The go2MONITOR brings its entire spectrum of signal intelligence to bear here: decoders from ASCII through POCSAC, Thuraya and even TETRA and STANAG. Together with the SignalShark, which provides excellent dynamic range and portability, make up a symbiotic whole. You can read all about this in this Narda STS 4-page flyer.

In a word: Top class radio monitoring for outdoor tasks.