Narda SRM-3006/107 9 kHz - 6 GHz, Selective Radiation Meter

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Rent Narda SRM-3006 9 kHz - 6 GHz, Selective Radiation Meter
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Narda SRM-3006
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The Narda SRM-3006, the 9 kHz - 6 GHz Selective Radiation Meter from Narda Safety Test Solutions, has been specially developed as a frequency-selective measuring system for safety issues in electromagnetic fields. The operating modes are precisely tailored to the applications:

  • Spectrum Analysis
  • Safety Evaluation
  • UMTS P-CPICH Demodulation
  • Level Recorder
  • Scope

The SRM-3006 provides user support through reliable automated features such as range selection or setting a suitable resolution bandwidth (RBW)*. Results are displayed in physical units such as V/m, A/m, W/cm2, or as logarithmic quantities such as dBμV, or directly as a percentage of the permitted limit value. Most important: The Narda SRM-3006 can still convert the results even after the measurement is completed.

Narda SRM-3006 is a complete measuring system: The SRM-3006 basic unit detects and takes account of antenna and calibration data automatically, eliminating a common source of errors. A further advantage: all measuring antennas in the SRM family are mutually compatible. Antennas from other manufacturers can also be used with the Narda SRM-3006.

Optional Antennas:
  • 3502/01: 420 MHz - 6 GHz Tri-Axial E-Field Antenna
  • 3531/01: 27 MHz - 3 GHz Single Axis E-Field Antenna
  • 3531/02: 100 kHz - 300 MHz E-Field Single Axis Active Broadband Dipole
  • 3581/02: 9 kHz - 200 MHz Three Axis Antenna H-field
  • 3602/02: 5m RF Cable Assembly

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