Narda SRM-3006 Selective Radiation Meter | 9 kHz - 6 GHz

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Narda SRM-3006 selective radiation meters perform selective EMF measurements with the help of measuring antennas over a range of 9 kHz to 6 GHz. Narda SRM-3006 meters detect both the total field strength and the specific sources of an electromagnetic field, empowering users to discern the strength of each signal in relation to the whole. The SRM-3006, the latest model in Narda STS’s acclaimed SRM series, is recognized as the industry-leading device for narrowband EMF measurements.

SRM models pair with a variety of E-Field and H-Field antennas designed for both low frequency and high frequency applications. SRM antennas operate over frequencies ranging from 9 kHz to 6 GHz specific to certain applications, i.e. mobile services (420 MHz - 6 GHz). Single-axis and three-axis options are available, the advantage of a three-axis antenna being that it automatically delivers isotropic results. 

Measurements are displayed in relation to their percentage compliance with ICNIRP and national standards. As measurements are taken, users can automatically correlate them with telecom services on the SRM’s editable tables. The SRM 3006 offers several features to streamline your EMF analysis experience: a scope mode, for example, enables short-term pulsed signal analysis and long-term studies of variable exposure levels, while LTE – FDD/TDD and UMTS modes ensure extrapolation to the maximum exposure level and the evaluation of pilot signal information.

Narda SRM-3006 radiation meters are vital tools for EMF safety personnel tasked with testing in broadcasting, cellular and industrial frequencies. When the field environment is unknown to the tester, such as in a factory, office or home, the SRM-3006 can discover individual sources of radiation. In known field environments, the meter can give precise readings of the proportion of field strength emitted by each source. Whether you’re performing a safety evaluation or spectrum analysis, the SRM is the ideal test system.