Narda SRM 3006 Selective Radiation Meter

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The Narda SRM 3006 Selective Radiation Meter is a compact, frequency-selective measuring system for safety analysis and environmental measurements of high-frequency electromagnetic fields. Narda SRM 3006 meters cover broadcasting, mobile telephony, and industrial frequencies from the lowest long-wave range up to the latest wireless applications and evaluate the field exposure level in accordance with international or national standards. Where the field environment is unknown – in offices, factory buildings, public places, or private homes – the Narda SRM 3006 provides authorities and measurement service providers with a rapid overview of the field sources that are relevant to human safety. Narda offers a broad range of three-axis and single-axis measuring antennas for electric fields (E-fields) and magnetic fields (H-fields). The three-axis antennas are advantageous in practice because they give isotropic (i.e. non-directional) results automatically.

The Narda SRM 3006 is compatible with the following antennas: the 3502/013501/033531/013531/043551/02 and the 3581/02.