Aeroflex IFR 3500 Portable Radio Test Set

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This product has been discontinued.

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The Aeroflex IFR 3500 is a Handheld Communications Test Set for Radio installation testing. The 3500 is capable of measuring high power, up to 200 W (Requires External Attenuator), as well as fault finding for antennas, power amplifiers and interconnects. The 3500 meets the needs of a variety of vehicular radios, as well as commercial radio applications.

At only 8 lbs, and packaged in a solid aluminum weatherproof case, the Aeroflex 3500 is the first truly rugged, portable radio test set. Combining the features of a benchtop radio test set with up to 7 hours of battery life, the Aeroflex 3500 is a test set that is ready to be used anywhere. The 3500 is perfect for testing AM and FM radio transceivers, whether on a bench, installed in a vehicle, or in some remote location. It also has the power to test the cables and antennas, making it the only handheld radio test set that can test all the components of an installed radio system.

The 3500 is designed for ease of use, portability, reliability and long service life. The 3500 may also be used for bench testing in the General Communications environment.