Anritsu MS9710A Optical Spectrum Analyzer

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Anritsu MS9710A-03 Optical Spectrum Analyzer
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Anritsu MS9710A
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MS9710A Datasheet
The Anritsu MS9710A Optical Spectrum Analyzer is a diffraction grating spectrum analyzer. This rugged, compact unit is ideal for field as well as laboratory applications.
Anritsu MS9710A Features
  • Application Measurements: optical pulse, wavelength, power level and SNR up to 300 DWDM. Can also be used for PMD and EDFA noise floor measurements.
  • VGA output connector
  • Many options available
  • Wavelength auto calibration
  • Tracking and tunable laser source
Anritsu MS9710A Specs
Frequency Range 600 - 1750nm
Wavelength Accuracy ±0.3nm
Measurement Range -90 to 20dBm
Dynamic Range 70dB
Interface IEEE 488 and parallel
MS9710A-02 White light source*2
MS9710A-03 Wavelength reference & SLD light source*2
MS9710A-25 FC-APC connector*3
MS9710A-26 SC-APC connector*3
MS9710A-27 E2000 (Diamond) connector*3
MS9710A-31 EC (Radial) connector*3
MS9710A-37 FC connector*4
MS9710A·38 ST connector*4
MS9710A-39 DIN connector*4
MS9710A-40 SC connector*4
MS9710A·43 HMS-10/A (Diamond) connector*4
MS9710A-47 HRL-10 connector*3
* 1: Specify one of FC, SC, ST, DIN. HMS-1 O/A (Diamond), E2000 (Diamond), EC (Radial), FC-APC, SC-APC, HRL-10.
* 2: Factory options. Cannot be installed simultaneously. Supplied with same optical connector (1 pc) as main frame, when the connector type is not specified.
* 3: Factory option
* 4: User replaceable
Anritsu MS9710A Applications
  • Characterization of LED's, Fabry-Perot LDs, and DFB LDs
  • EDFA Noise Figure and Gain
  • Polarization MODE Dispersion measurements
  • Transmission characteristics of passive elements such as isolators and filters