Crystal XP2i Series Pressure Gauge

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The Crystal XP2i Series Pressure Gauge is unique in its design, performance and construction. Crystal XP2i Series gauges feature a display that is protected by a hard polycarbonate lens and circuitry mounted in rubber for shock resistance. The case and sensor are made of stainless steel to provide resistance to corrosion as well as an excellent barrier to emissions from cell phones, two-way radios, and other electrically noisy equipment. The case is gasketed and water resistant per NEMA4 and IP66. A replaceable filter in the sensor keeps out debris. The Crystal XP2i Series is rated in percent of reading - like deadweight testers - but unlike deadweight testers, they're not affected by ambient temperature or local gravity. Unlike mechanical gauges, Crystal XP2i Series pressure gauges have the ability to survive large over-pressure events with no change in calibration. The XP2i Series is very easy to use. No menus - just buttons. They can be calibrated via the keypad or the RS232 port. The display backlight is one of the best available on this type of pressure gauge. Combine an XP2i with a pressure controller, and you can calibrate the XP2i automatically.