Danatronics EHC-09DLCW Digital Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge

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The Danatronics EHC-09DLCW is a digital ultrasonic thickness gauge that provides a thickness range of 0.020" to 20", a resolution of 0.001", and bandwidth of up to 20MHz. Danatronics has designed the first handheld ultrasonic thickness gauge with a color display, making the EHC-09 a unique instrument that combines all the features of a handheld unit including color A-scan, B-scan, 100K thickness reading (3500 waveforms) datalogger with interface program, vibration and color change of waveform on alarm. The EHC-09's auto range feature centers echoes in the middle of the screen independent of material thickness. In addition, the unit's Echo to Echo feature allows for measurement of metal thickness, ignoring all paint and coatings.

The Danatronics EHC-09DLCW has been replaced by the Danatronics ECHO 9 Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge.

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