Olson Instruments IES Concrete Thickness Gauge

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The Olson Instruments IES (Impact Echo Scanner) Concrete Thickness Gauge is designed for large area investigations of shallow voids, debonding/delamination, cracking, or honeycomb often found between an overlay on a bridge deck or surrounding dense rebar mats. Impact Echo Scanning is commonly used in locating post-tensioning (PT) cables used in reinforcing various structures and determining duct grout condition. The scanning technology allows tracing of the PT cables through slabs and beams. An advantage of the IES method is that only one side of the structure needs to be accessible for testing.

The Olson Instruments IES takes full advantage of the method based on the Olson Engineering patented technology of a rolling transducer and automated impactor. The result is near-continuous Impact Echo based thickness and flaw scanning of structural concrete and pavements. Performed at slow walking speeds, the Olson Instruments IES obtains test results every inch (25 mm) in a line. Multiple lines can be combined for 2-D to 3-D displays of concrete thickness and locations of internal void, honeycomb, cracking, delamination, etc. The thickness gauge features a reliable scanning method capable of determining bottom echo thicknesses up to ~ 40 inches (1 m).