GE Inspection Technologies CL5 Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge

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The GE Inspection Technologies CL5 Thickness Gauge is a 0.13mm to 500mm ultrasonic thickness gauge that offers a resolution of 0.001 mm. Also known as the Krautkramer ultrasonic thickness gauge, the GE CL5 thickness gauge offers seven measurement and display modes that include: Normal, Minimum Capture, Maximum Capture, Differential and Rate of Reduction, Velocity (with CL5 VL option), Thickness+A-Scan (with Live A-Scan Option) and Quality View Mode (with Data Recorder option). GE CL5 thickness gauges are designed with three soft keys directly under the unit's display which activate the functions shown on the display menus. Using the GE CL5's programmable data recorder feature, users can easily place all data recordings and set-up information on a removable SD memory card.