Despatch PTC1-40 Top Load Oven

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The Despatch PTC1-40 Top Load Oven is specifically designed for burn-in, qualification testing and calibration of oil and gas downhole drilling instruments. The oven is built to withstand harsh oilfield conditions for many years, with heavy duty construction and an aluminized interior for maximum corrosion resistance. The oven's horizontal airflow with adjustable louvers ensures consistent and uniform airflow across the entirety of the chamber.

This top-loading oven allows heavy equipment to be loaded into the test chamber by crane. The Despatch PCT1-40 has a silicone door which when sealed, allows the positive-latching clamps hold the door securely in place. This chamber provides consistent performances with repeatable results. The PTC1-40 can generate temperatures up to 260˚C, meaning it can perform a large variety of heat related experiments.

The Despatch PTC1-40 is part of the Despatch PTC Series.