Fluke 225C ScopeMeter Scope Meter

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Fluke 225C ScopeMeter Scope Meter
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Fluke 225C
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Manual 225C Datasheet
The 225C offers the full functionality of a standard 200 MHz portable oscilloscope yet with the addition of powerful test capabilities for a wide variety of Industrial Bus systems. When in Bus health Test mode, the 225C ScopeMeter will automatically make an analysis of the electrical signals passing through the bus, and compare the parameters to standard values as described in the industry standards for that bus type. Alternatively, the user may select an ‘Eyepattern’ display to visually check the overall signal quality.
Fluke 225C Features
  • Industrial Bus Health Test verifies electrical signal quality on industrial buses including Profi, Foundation, Modus, CAN-bus, AS-i bus, RS-485 and more
  • Easy signal validation of all relevant signal parameters
  • Complete 190C Color ScopeMeter (200 or 100 MHz model) built in
  • Floating and fully isolated inputs for true differential signal measurements
  • Large Color Screen
  • Activity indicators
  • Bus Health Test
Fluke 225C Specs
Sample Rate 2.5 G5/s
Bandwidth 200 MHz