Fujikura FSM 90R Fusion Splicer Kit with CT50 & RS03

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The Fujikura FSM 90R Fusion Splicer Kit with CT50 & RS03 is a comprehensive collection of fusion and fiber splicing tools to keep up with all wireless communication needs. The FSM 90R is a mass fusion splicer that not only lowers the costs of ribbon splicing but also speeds up the entire process. The fusion splicer is automated for cleave tracking, wind protection, splice start, and tube heating while offering blade rotations for 2 cleavers simultaneously.

The Fujikura FSM 90R Fusion Splicer Kit meets all fusion splicing needs with the CT50 Fiber Cleaver. The device is a breeze to use with its automated blade rotation, as the cleaver blade position adjusts automatically based on cleave count and quality. Durability isn't a problem with the CT50, thanks to shock resistance and a 60,000 single-fiber cleave blade life.

Because the Fujikura FSM 90R Fusion Splicer Kit is extensive in use, it also includes an RS03 Ribbon Fiber Stripper. The RS03 is easy to operate, requiring less force for all ribbon stripping. With a faster heating time and ergonomic design, the RS03 is made for long-term use. The tool takes full advantage of a high-capacity battery that's good for 600 stripping cycles.