Sumitomo Quantum Type Q102-CA Fusion Splicer

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The Sumitomo Quantum Type Q102-CA Fusion Splicer is a quantum core alignment fusion splicing instrument featuring a 5 second splice time, 9 second heating time and dual independent ovens. The dual heating system improves splicing efficiency by over 80%, streamlining consecutive splicing and rendering the process more cost effective. Sumitomo Quantum Type Q102-CA models are operated through a smart phone interface featuring a WVGA high resolution touchscreen monitor that is fully navigational. Actively pan and zoom over data or inspect minute areas of a fiber by simply pinching, dragging or expanding with your fingers. The Sumitomo Quantum Type Q102-CA is water, dust and shock resistant, both rugged and reliable under extreme conditions in any environment, and lasts for 300 splice and heater cycles per charge.