Haefely PCD300 3-Phase Coupling / Decoupling Network

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The Haefely PCD300 CDN, as part of the PSURGE 8000 system is tailored to meet IEC and EN standards to cover testing of 3 phase AC and DC power ports. These standards include recommendations for the coupling and decoupling component values within the CDN. These values are largely based on the European model for AC power lines. PCD 300 includes all the IEC and EN requirements with automatic coupling path switching. PCD 300 EUT output has specially designed 4mm connectors, which provide enhanced personnel safety in relation to the high voltage impulse.

ANSI / IEEE standards are the reference for power line tests in many American standards such as TIA-968-A (FCC part 68) and Telcordia (Bellcore) GR-1089-CORE. The ANSI standard contains much the same information as the IEC but based around the American experience with AC power lines.
  • International application – Specifically designed to meet and exceed the requirements of IEC, EN, and ANSI tests for power line applications.
  • Synchronization path Switching - The PCD 300 synchronizes impulses with the selected coupling path. Safe and Easy - The interlocked HV connections allow your operators to test safely and easily.
  • 32A capability – DC loads up to 32A per phase can be connected through the PCD 300, and AC loads up to 28A can be connected through the PCD300.
  • Sturdy and Reliable – Careful component selection ensures that the PCD 300 will continue to operate under the most strenuous testing regime.