Teseq CDN 3083-B100 EFT/Burst Coupling/Decoupling Network

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High frequency pulse signals can result in cross-talk between conductors running in parallel even over short distances. This behavior is taken into account in the latest and currently valid edition of the EFT/burst standard EN/IEC 61000-4-4 (2004).

Only the single coupling mode of «all conductors together against reference ground» is called for in interference immunity testing with fast transients. The units permit test pulses of up to 8.8 kV.

The CDN 3083-B100 is designed to be used with an EUT supply in AC mode up to 690 V in line to line or line to ground method. DC voltage can be taken up to 1000 V line to line or line to ground.

The CDN 3083-B100 is a 3-phase burst pulse coupling network for large EUT currents. Although designed for continuous duty at up to 100 A per phase, the unit can be subjected to considerably higher currents for short durations.

As a result, high inrush currents or pulse-shaped peak currents can be handled with ease. The current limitation is largely a matter of thermal loading and ambient temperature. A built-in thermometer enables the heating effect to be monitored.

The type of construction, inside a metal housing for use directly on the ground reference plane, ensures excellent HF earthing. The EUT supply connections take the form of generously dimensioned screw terminals.