Julabo Calibration Baths Series, -30°C to 300°C

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Julabo Calibration Baths are ideal for calibration laboratory applications and conform to the requirements specified by DIN ISO 9001. Julabo Calibration Baths provide a temperature stability of ±0.005 °C and temperature uniformity better than ±0.01 °C. The Julabo Calibration Bath series includes models with cooling units for working temperature ranges from -30°C to 200°C as well as calibration baths for temperature ranges from 50°C to 300°C. Reference temperature measurements can be carried out with an additional precision reference sensor. This saves the additional cost of a digital thermometer.

The Julabo Calibration Baths Series consists of the following models: the Julabo SL-8K, Julabo SL-14K, Julabo FK-30SL and the Julabo FK-31SL.