Keithley 2450 SourceMeter SMU Instruments

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Keithley 2450
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2450 Datasheet
The Keithley 2450 SourceMeter SMU Instruments is the next-generation SourceMeter Source Measure Unit (SMU) Instrument that truly brings Ohm's law (current, voltage, and resistance) testing right to your fingertips. Its innovative graphical user interface (GUI) and advanced, capacitive touchscreen technology allow intuitive usage and minimize the learning curve to enable engineers and scientists to learn faster, work smarter, and invent easier. The 2450 is the SMU for everyone: a versatile instrument, particularly well-suited for characterizing modern scaled semiconductors, nano-scale devices and materials, organic semiconductors, printed electronics, and other small-geometry and low-power devices. All this combined with Keithley SMU precision and accuracy allows users to touch, test, invent™ with the new favorite go-to instrument in the lab for years to come.
Keithley 2450 Features
  • Capabilities of I-V systems, curve tracers, and semiconductor analyzers at a fraction of their cost
  • Five-inch, high resolution capacitive touchscreen graphical user interface (GUI)
  • 0.012% basic measure accuracy with 6½-digit resolution
  • Enhanced sensitivity with new 20mV and 10nA source/measure ranges
  • Source and sink (4-quadrant) operation
  • Four Quickset modes for fast setup and measurements
  • Built-in, context-sensitive front panel help
  • Front panel input banana jacks; rear panel input triaxial connections
  • Model 2450 SCPI and TSP® scripting programming modes
  • Model 2400 SCPI-compatible programming mode
  • Front panel USB memory port for data/programming/configuration I/O
Keithley 2450 Specs
  • V-Ranges: 20mV – 200V
  • I-Ranges: 10nA – 1A
  • 0.012% Basic Accuracy
  • Wideband Noise: 2mVrms Typ.
  • Sweep Types: Linear, Log, Dual Linear, Dual Log, Custom, Source-Memory (SCPI 2400 Mode)
  • >250,000 Point Reading Buffer
  • >3000 Readings/Sec.
  • SCPI (2400 + 2450) + TSP Programming
  • GPIB, USB, Ethernet (LXI)