Keithley 2461 SourceMeter Source Measure Unit (SMU)

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The Keithley 2461 SourceMeter Source Measure Unit (SMU) measures and analyzes high-power devices with incredible accuracy and an innovative design. The 2461 SourceMeter has a state-of-the-art user interface that features a capacitive touchscreen to make that simplifies the device for all users. The source measure unit (SMU) covers a wide range of voltages from 200 mV to 100 V, along with currents that stretch from 1 μA to 10A.

The Keithley 2461 SourceMeter SMU is also optimized for easy use, with dual 18-bit 1MS/s digitizers and various signal input connections on both the front and back of the device. Testing also becomes much easier with the 5-inch, high-resolution touchscreen, with an icon-based menu structure to reduce half the steps required in most tests. Along with a 0.012% DCV accuracy with a 6.5-digit resolution, the 2461 SMU balances efficient tests and precise results.