Keyence VHX-6000 Digital Microscope

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The Keyence VHX-6000 Digital Microscope is a digital microscope integrated with technology including an advanced microscope which provides a large depth-of-field and multi-angle observations. The VHX 6000 combines lighting techniques from a metallurgical microscope and stereoscope for optimal lighting. Keyence VHX-6000 can save past lighting settings for faster testing and reproducible imaging. The VHX 6000 stores measurement data with image files for easy information sharing, and testing results can be shared through CSV files. With the Keyence VHX-6000, technicians can calculate grain size and save automatic results,exporting data into a report for future reference. While simultaneously changing different brightness levels and shutter speeds, the VHX 6000 camera captures multiple images with a high level of color gradaion. This feature allows the Keyence VHX 6000 to capture targets with glare or low contrast that would be difficult for conventional microscopes to capture.