Tagarno FHD ZIP Digital Microscope

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The Tagarno FHD ZIP digital microscope is designed to excel in lower magnification tasks, delivering 1080p image quality, 60 frames per second imaging, and 30x optical zoom. Lightweight, compact, and simple to operate, Tagarno FHD ZIP microscopes are built with sleek, modern frames ideal for hours of inspection. Tagarno microscopes encourage ergonomic work posture to ease the suffering of the 80% of digital microscope operators who experience musculoskeletal pain; the FHD ZIP was designed in tandem with ergonomics specialists to optimize work posture and eye, neck and back comfort. The FHD is an all-in-one solution for the following applications and more: bare solder board, connector and assembled board inspection throughout SMT-processes; crack detection in soldering; discovering solder on components; and bridging and dewetting in small parts. Once their inspection is complete, users can create high-quality documents that are easy to share with customers, coworkers and partners.