Agilent E4361A Solar Array Simulator DC Module

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The Agilent E4361A Solar Array Simulator DC Module is a DC power supply that reliably emulates the various output characteristics of solar panels. The E4361A Solar Array Simulator provides three operating modes to better collect those precise measurements: Simulator (SAS), Table, and Fixed. The device can produce a maximum power of 510 W, along with an open-circuit voltage of 65 V and a short circuit current of 8.5 A. When in fixed mode the simulator extends a wide range for tests, with a voltage from 0 to 60 V and line voltage of 0 - 8.5 A.

The Agilent E4361A Solar Array Simulator maintains an excellent accuracy too, as the voltage stays within 0.075% + 25 mV and current remains at 0.2% + 20 mA. Despite a low output capacitance, the device can simulate the I-V curve of various solar arrays in little time, producing measurements for the various working conditions of a solar cell.