Elgar TerraSAS Programmable Photovoltaic Solar Array Simulator

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The Elgar TerraSAS (TSAS) Programmable Photovoltaic Solar Array Simulator, provides an easily programmable means of simulating the characteristic behavior of a PV array. The system provides a turn-key approach to testing the maximum peak power tracking (MPPT) characteristics for grid-tied inverters and DC charge controllers. The ability to simulate virtually any fill factor or solar cell material allows the customer to validate the MPPT algorithm with a power source.

Hardware control is accomplished by an application running on the local controller that communicates directly to the PV simulator using RS422, which operate as a dedicated IV curve generation processor. The local Graphical User Interface (GUI) is accomplished via another application that provides all of the user controls to the TerraSAS system. Embedded in the application is the Ethernet (LAN) parser for remote communication and control. All of the functions available locally through the controller are also available remotely.