Narda RadMan 2XT Personal RF Monitor, SC6 2281/103

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The Narda RadMan 2XT Personal RF Monitor, SC6 2281/103 is a warning device manufactured by Narda STS used for the protection of people who work in areas where increased levels of electromagnetic radiation are present, especially environments with broadcasting, telecommunications and radar antennas. It is often not possible to completely disable the transmitting equipment, and even if it is possible, a check must be made to ensure that the switch off has indeed occurred. 

Narda RadMan 2XT personal monitors provide safety in such situations. The actual field exposure level is indicated in six steps from 5% to 200% by LEDs. The percentages refer to the proportion of the power density limit value specified in a safety standard. If the field exposure level exceeds 50% of the limit value, the Narda RadMan 2XT radiation monitor vibrates and emits a loud alarm tone. There is also a bright light in the top part of the RadMan 2XT 2281/103 that can be easily seen from various angles. The light flashes red in time with the alarm signal. A second, more persistent alarm sounds when the 100% threshold is exceeded, warning the user to leave the danger area. Narda RadMan 2XT models have more functionality than the RadMan 2LT models. The E-field sensors of the RadMan 2XT are suitable for a wider frequency range that extends from about 1 MHz up to 60 GHz. The data recorder of the RadMan 2XT 2281/103 is equipped with a larger memory, and the save intervals can be user configured.

The Narda RadMan 2XT Personal RF Monitor, SC6 2281/103 is part of the Narda Radman Personal Radiation Monitor Series