Narda Nardalert XT B8860 Personal RF Monitor | 100 kHz - 100 GHz

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The Narda Nardalert XT B8860 Personal RF Monitor is designed to satisfy the needs of all individuals who use a personal RF monitor. The Narda Nardalert XT B8860's patented sensor design detects the electric field over an extremely broad frequency band regardless of signal format or polarization. The ultra-broadband sensors cover almost the entire usable RF spectrum in a single monitor, and models are available that closely conform to all major worldwide standards. The adjustable alarm feature of the Narda Nardalert XT B8860 allows one alarm to be set at a level equal to the upper tier of two-tier standards, such as the “Occupational” or “Controlled” limits, while the second alarm can be set to the lower tier, such as the “Action” or “General Population” limits. The unique tri-sensor design handles every possible signal format, from complex multi-signal communication environments to military platforms with both communications and radar signals.

The Narda Nardalert XT 8860 series includes all the user-adjustable parameters plus the ability to log more than 30,000 data points automatically whenever the monitor is turned on. The data-logger feature can be used to analyze personnel exposures in order to improve operations. Or, it can be used in the way a Flight Data Recorder is used on board an aircraft – the logged data can be reviewed whenever there is a need to determine an individual's level of exposure. The Narda Nardalert XT B8860 fulfills the following standards: ACGIH, IEEE C95.1-1999/ANSI C95.1-1992 (Controlled), NATO STANAG 2345.

The Narda Nardalert XT B8860 is part of the Narda Nardalert XT Series.