Narda AMB-8059 Multi-Band Area Monitor

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The Narda AMB-8059 Multi-Band Area Monitor is constantly in use in areas where electromagnetic radiation levels need to be continuously assessed by means of long-term observation. With the Narda AMB-8059 Multi-Band Area Monitor, Narda STS combines the latest technology with traditional reliability: there are more than 4,500 stations in use worldwide. The AMB-8059 is low weight, robust, compact and ideal for both indoor and outdoor operations. This model also possesses drive test capability according to ITU-K.113.

The Narda AMB-8059 is compatible with a wide range of different isotropic probes. These include quad-band probes for separating mobile telephone services as well as wideband measurement from 100 kHz to 40 GHz. Special probes are available for low frequency magnetic or electric fields from 10 Hz to 5 kHz. This means that emissions from high tension cables and transformer stations can be recorded. Further, it is possible to combine up to two probes, e.g. an electric and a magnetic field probe in a “dual probe configuration”.