Narda AMS-8061 Selective Area Monitor

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The Narda AMS-8061 Selective Area Monitor is always used where electromagnetic radiation levels need to be continuously assessed by means of long term observation. With the Narda AMS-8061 Selective Area Monitor, Narda STS combines the latest technology with renowned reliability: there are more than 3,500 in operation stationed around the world. The Narda AMS-8061 monitors high frequency fields from 100 kHz to 6 GHz with a three-axis isotropic antenna. This makes use of an analytical technique proven in Narda’s hand-held instruments.

Narda EMF monitors incorporate all the features needed for reliable, continuous assessment of electromagnetic fields: autonomous, weatherproof, mobile, robust, and low running costs. User friendly software allows individual definition and selective measurement of up to 20 frequency bands. An internal modem is used for communications, ensuring compatibility with every data service worldwide. An automatic uninterrupted monitor gives a warning if any abnormalities occur.