Narda AMS-8063 Selective Area Monitor

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The Narda AMS-8063 Selective Area Monitor is a reliable, accurate solution for monitoring remotely electromagnetic fields in the frequency range from 9 kHz to 30 MHz, by measuring separately the electric and magnetic components as total value of the field strength and as frequency selective spectrum analysis. EMF monitors from Narda STS incorporate all the features needed for reliable, continuous assessment of electromagnetic fields: autonomous, weatherproof, mobile, robust, and low running costs.

The unique features of the Narda AMS-8063 make it particularly suitable for monitoring the exposure levels in proximity of LW, MW and SW broadcasting antenna installations. The information obtained contribute to evaluating the antenna efficiency too. The electric and magnetic field strengths are measured at regular intervals and sent to a central data logging and control unit based on a PC, which provides the mass memory for all Narda AMS-8063 units installed in the local network.